Dr Arman Taheri



2012May-June       Lubbock,Texas tech University,US

Upgrading knowledge of Pain Practice

2011 Septmber       Budapest. Hungry

Fellowship of pain practice(FIPP)

2010 February-march   Tehran university of medical science

Fellowship of medical education

2007-2008     Nepean Hospital.  Sydney university. Sydney .Australia

Pain Fellow

1994-1997    ShahidBeheshty University of Medical Sciences .Tehran. Iran

Board of Anesthesiology

1986-1993       ShahidBeheshty University of Medical Sciences. Tehran Iran

Doctor of medicine (MD)



2009- 2011  Shariaty Hospital  pain clinic(TUMS)

Assistant professor of anesthesiology and pain fellow in TUMS

2008-     pioneered the establishment of Amiralam Hospital pain cinic(TUMS)

Assistant professor of anesthesiology and pain fellow in TUMS

2007-2009 Sina Hospital Pain Clinic(TUMS)

Assistant professor of anesthesiology and pain fellow in TUMS

2008-     Bahman private Hospital

Shared holder in Anesthesiology and critical care and pain service

2009-    pioneered the establishment of Bahman Private Hospital  multidisciplinary pain clinic

Shared holder in Anesthesiology and critical care and pain service 

1998-         Amiralam Hospital (Otolaryngology, Head & Neck and ENT and Reconstruction surgery center).

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology in TUMS.

1998-          Amiralam Hospital (Otolaryngology, Head & Neck and ENT and Reconstruction surgery center).

Anesthetized 110 patients monthly in the fields of head and neck, otolaryngeal, maxillofacial, endoscopic and plastic surgery.(Difficult and compromised airway management, fibroptic and awake intubations).

Pioneered the establishment of a preoperative clinic of anesthesia along with a colleague and visited 50 patients daily.

1998-2000      Baharloo Hospital (Obstetric and Gynecologic and Orthopedic surgery center).

●Anesthetized 40 patients monthly in the fields of laparoscopic, general surgery and anesthesia in the field of gynecology and obstetric surgery (Epidural and spinal anesthesia and PCA).

1997-2000 Amiralam Hospital (Otolaryngology, Head & Neck and ENT and Reconstruction surgery center).

 ●Pioneered the establishment of a 6-bed ICU along with a colleague and worked in 6-bed ICU as a manager.

 1997-1998       Modaress Hospital in Saveh.

 ●Anesthetized 80 patients monthly in the fields of ophthalmologic, orthopedic and urologic surgery.

 ●Pioneered the establishment of a 5- bed ICU and worked as a manager.

1993-1997      Asia Hospital.

 ●Worked in Emergency Room as a general physician (30 patients daily).


Special Training

2012  September   Shareje Medical University-UAE

●Ultrasound Guided Regional Block

2012 May       Texas tech university-USA

●Participating in Pain symposium

2011 August     Kempenski   Hotel

●Evidence and Guidelines Symposium on interventional pain procedures

2011 August      kmpinski .Hotel

●Comprehensive review course for FIPP exam

2011 August        Anatomy Department Budapest University

●19th Hands-on cadaver workshop on interventional pain procedure

2010 January     Anatomy Department Rajeev Gandi university. Bombaie.India

●3rd hands-on Cadaver workshop on interventional pain procedure

2009 June            Bloomsbury Hotel London.UK

●Evidence and Gudelines symposium on interventional pain procedures

2009 June             Anatomy Department,st.George's University of  London

●11 UK hands-on cadaver workshop on interventional pain procedures

2007-8              Sydney University (Nepean Hospital)

●Pain management fellowship course

2005               TUMS ( Imam Khomeini Hospital)

●Scientific Writing Workshop (Basic –Intermediate-Advance)

2004               TUMS   (Sina Hospital)            

● Research Methodology Workshop(Basic- Intermediate)

2003              George Washington University and TUMS (Imam Khomeini Hospital)

●Emergency Room Leadership.

2003               Dubai (Marriot hotel)

● use of Remifentanil in anesthesia” workshop.


●Research Mthodology workshop (preliminary)



2013-             World Institute of pain (WIP)

Chairman of  Iran section of WIP

2011-             Tehran University of Medical Science

Director of pain management Training of TUMS

2011-             Tehran University of  Medical Science

Taught pain management and Interventional pain procedure  to Pain Fellow

1998-               Amiralam Hospital (Department of anesthesia).

●Taught  anesthesia and all skills of airway management to the residents of anesthesiology and medical students  in TUMS

2001-2005      Skill lab center on TUMS

Director of Organizing the OSCE(3 times) from all anesthetist residents of TUMS

1998-2010               Skill lab Center in TUMS.

●Taught CPCR (60 courses) to the residents, medical students and the nurses of TUMS.

2000-August    Imamkhomeini Hospital

●Taught primary and essentiasl in anesthesia to Iranian  GP who being worked in Sought African


Papers and Presentation:

2012   November      Tehran, Iran (Center of  treatment of pediatric cancer) Mahak Hospital

Oral Presentation about Pediatric Headache

2012    June              pain practice page 415,volume 12,Issue 5

Comment on: Malignant Pheochromocytoma Presenting as Incapacitating Bony Pain

2011   September       Ahwaz, Iran(Ahwaz University of medical science)

Invited speaker in  "Two-days- airway management workshop".

2011 January               Ahwaz ,Iran(Ahwaz University of Medical science)

Director of flexible fibroptic intubation workshop in" International congress of anesthesia and critical


2011 December         Tehran, Iran(Shahid Rajaee Heart Center )

Oral Presentation about  'postthoracotomy pain syndrome  after Heart Surgery  pain management

symposium for anesthetists'

2011    October          Tehran, Iran

Oral presentation about Trigeminal Neuralgia' in 7th International congress of ENT and Head and neck surgery'.

2011     July               Tehran Iran

Oral Presentation about Persistent idiopathic facial Pain in 2nd  International congress of  Rhinology and skull base surgery

2010     September      Tehran Iran

Oral presentation about pain control in painful diabetic neuropathy  in pain symposium  for physician and nurses

2010     June                Middle east journal of anesthesia 20(5) 691-695

Manuscript about  The effect of oral clonidine premedication on nausea and vomiting after ear surgery

2010     April               JAMA                                              Page  303(15);1481

Letter to editor   about High-flow Oxygen for treatment of  cluster headache

2009    June                middle east J Anesthesiol                 page  303-305

Manuscript about  obstruction of endotracheal tube ;a manufacture error

2009    June               Acta  Otorhinololaryngol Italica         page151-155

Manuscript about complication of using laryngeal mask airway during anesthesia in patients  undergoing major ear surgery.

2009     May               Labmedicine                                     page  294-296

Manuscript about Ejaculation as a source of proteinuria regardless of the presence or abscence of sperm     in semen

2008    June       Tehran.Iran Imam Khomeini Hospital

Oral Presentation  about  Neuropathic pain 

2008   Feb       Tehran, Iran, Imam Khomeini Hospital

Oral Presentation about Cox2 inhibitor in pain management 

2005          Tehran, Iran

Oral presentation of “Emergency Airway Management” in 4th International congress of ICU.

2004                Tehran, Iran

Poster Presentation of Investigating  Cuff pressure in 50 patients under nitrous oxide anesthesia in

 8 th International congress of anesthesia.

2003           Shiraz, Iran

●Poster Presentation of “Comparison between two techniques of anesthesia in upper airway co2 laser surgery” in 7th  international congress of anesthesiology .

2002          Tehran,Iran

Oral presentation of a” case report of Retrograde Intubations in 3 th international congress of ICU”.

 2002               Journal of medical faculty vol:               page:780-785

Manusesqit about A comparison between two techniques of GA in CO2 laser upper airway surgery.

2001                 Journal of medical faculty vol:                  page:674-679

Manuscript about the effect of clonidine in decreasing  bleeding during sinus endoscopic surgery.

1998         Tehran, Iran

Oral presentation of the comparison of  two techniques  of GA in  Co2- laparoscopic surgery in

5th international congress of anesthesiology.



2007              Member. International institute study of pain (IASP)

2007              Member, World institute of pain (WIP)

1998              Member, Iranian Anesthesiology Society.

1993              Member, Iranian Medical Council.



Pain management

Anesthesia -airway management

Regional Block








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